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Material Feature Application Material No.
Aluminum Aluminum accounted for one-third of the steel, transport equipment and automation equipment in the play a very important role. Non-toxic aluminum in food containers and food packaging materials such as aluminum cans, aluminum foil bag (Tetra Pak) ..... application very much. Aircraft parts, auto parts, medical equipment ... A2011 ~ A7075
General Steel Carbon steel, according to their carbon content can be divided into low carbon steel, medium carbon steel; former can be used as automotive body panels and protective materials, which can be used for a number of needs by increasing the carbon content to improve the hardness to prevent wear of the products. Automotive parts, machinery ... 12L14、1215、1008、1015、S45C
Stainless steel SUS304 stainless steel is the most versatile of the species, due to the presence of nickel (Ni) so than chromium (Cr)-rich corrosion resistance than steel heat resistance, low temperature strength possessed, so very good mechanical properties, hardening is very large, non-hardening heat treatment , non-magnetic, good strength, compared with no flexibility, often used between the thickness of 0.4T ~ 1.0T. Household appliances, architectural, automotive parts, medical equipment, food industry, chemical industry, agriculture and other appliances ... SUS303、SUS304、SUS316、SUS630、SUS430 
Alloy steel Is considered a great strength steels, in particular reinforced by the depth required for some parts. With the jet aircraft engines and spacecraft rocket engine appear, and efforts to develop high temperature deformation out of steel; alloy content of this steel is even higher than stainless steel, it is called super alloys. Wear parts SUS420、SUS430、SUS630、SCM440、SCM415、SKD
Copper Alloy Copper and other metals to form an alloy, hardness and wear resistance is often higher than any of the metal alloy composition. Number of copper alloys, the most common are bronze, brass and copper. These alloys are versatile, multi-instrument or some of the copper used for precision instruments. Large doses of copper toxicity, therefore copper compounds are used to kill fungi and bacteria. Its second conductive line of silver (Ag), so often used in wires and switches and other electrical facilities. Electrical and electronic industry, switches, terminals, locks and other materials ... 3604、6802、C1100、C5121 、C5191
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